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Si ‘ngō rïnt huin sa arâj sun ñadu’ua { -brand-short-name }, da’ui gā nùhuin si ‘iô’ si ‘ngō rïn perfil. Si ruhuât nī, ga’ue girīt ga’ì perfil da’ gahuînt da’ nachrât sà’t sa huin ruhuât nī dàj gaj ruhuât. Dàj rû’, ga’ue gā ‘ngō perfil ganikājt guendâ gudu’uēt sa gudu’uēt nī a’ngoj da’ gārasunt ngà a’ngô sa huāa.
If you are the only person using this copy of { -brand-short-name }, you must have at least one profile. If you would like, you can create multiple profiles for yourself to store different sets of settings and preferences. For example, you may want to have separate profiles for business and personal use.
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