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Mõned { -brand-short-name }i komponendid, nagu näiteks vigadest teatamise rakendus, annavad sulle võimaluse saata tagasisidet { -vendor-short-name }le. Valides tagasiside saatmise kasuks, annad sa { -vendor-short-name }le õiguse kasutada seda tagasisidet toote täiustamiseks, tagasiside avaldamiseks veebilehel ja tagasiside edasijagamiseks.
Some features in { -brand-short-name }, such as the Crash Reporter, give you the option to provide feedback to { -vendor-short-name }. By choosing to submit feedback, you give { -vendor-short-name } permission to use the feedback to improve its products, to publish the feedback on its websites, and to distribute the feedback.
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