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You are welcome to use these Services with the accompanying version of { -brand-short-name }, and { -vendor-short-name } grants you its rights to do so. { -vendor-short-name } and its licensors reserve all other rights in the Services. These terms are not intended to limit any rights granted under open source licenses applicable to { -brand-short-name } and to corresponding source code versions of { -brand-short-name }.
Mën jëfandikoo sarwiis yi ànd ak sumbu { -brand-short-name } te { -vendor-short-name } mën na la gaarantil ay sañ sañ yi tax nga mën ko def. { -vendor-short-name } ak ñi ñu jox yaatal jël nañu yeneen sañ sañ yépp ci sarwiis yi. Doxal yii nak du caageenu wutal app sañ sañi xeltéef yi amul moomeel te taq ci { -vendor-short-name } ak suulaale cosaan yu sumb yi and ak { -vendor-short-name }.
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