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%S uses the Mozilla CA store to verify that a connection is secure, rather than certificates supplied by the user’s operating system. So, if an antivirus program or a network is intercepting a connection with a security certificate issued by a CA that is not in the Mozilla CA store, the connection is considered unsafe.
Per verifitgar ch'ina connexiun saja segira utilisescha %S la banca da datas da Mozilla (CA store) per autoritads da certificaziun empè da certificats mess a disposiziun dal sistem operativ da l'utilisader. Sche in program antivirus u ina rait s'intermettan en ina connexiun cun in certificat emess dad ina autoritad da certificaziun che n'è betg en la banca da datas da Mozilla per autoritads da certificaziun vegn la connexiun considerada sco betg segirada.
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