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Deleting a profile will remove the profile from the list of available profiles and cannot be undone. You may also choose to delete the profile data files, including your settings, certificates and other user-related data. This option will delete the folder “{ $dir }” and cannot be undone. Would you like to delete the profile data files?
Tukksa n umaɣnu ad isfeḍ amaɣnu si tebdart n imeɣna yellan, ur tettizmireḍ ara ad t-id-arreḍ. Tzemreḍ daɣen ad tferneḍ tukksa n ifuyla n isefka n umaɣnu, ddan daɣen iɣewwaṛen-ik, iselkan d isefka nniḍen icudden ɣeṛ useqdac. Aɣewwaṛ-agi ad yekkes akaram "{ $dir }", ihi ur tezmireḍ ara ad t-id-erreḍ. Tebɣiḍ ad tekkseḍ ifuyla n isefka n umaɣnu?
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