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%S uses the Mozilla CA store to verify that a connection is secure, rather than certificates supplied by the user’s operating system. So, if an antivirus program or a network is intercepting a connection with a security certificate issued by a CA that is not in the Mozilla CA store, the connection is considered unsafe.
%S wobchod certifikowanišćow Mozilla wužiwa, zo by přepruwował, hač zwisk je wěsty, a nic certifikaty z dźěłoweho systema wužiwarja. Jeli tuž antiwirusowy program abo syć zwisk z wěstotnym certifikatom wotpopadnje, kotrež je certifikowanišćo wudało, kotrež we wobchodźe certifikowanišćow Mozilla njeje, so zwisk ma za njewěsty.
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