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An external application must be launched to handle %1$S: links.\n\n\nRequested link:\n\n%2$S\n\nApplication: %3$S\n\n\nIf you were not expecting this request it may be an attempt to exploit a weakness in that other program. Cancel this request unless you are sure it is not malicious.\n
In eksterne tapassing moat starten wurden om %1$S: keppelingen te ferwurkjen. \n\n\nWinske keppeling:\n\n%2$S\n\nApplikaasje: %3$S\n\n\nAs jo dit fersyk net ferwacht hiene, kin it wêze dat it in swakte yn it oare programma misbrûke wol. Annulearje dit fersyk of it moat wêze dat jo wis binne dat it net kwea kin.\n
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