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{ -brand-short-name } is made available to you under the terms of the <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-public-license-link">Mozilla Public License</a>. This means you may use, copy and distribute { -brand-short-name } to others. You are also welcome to modify the source code of { -brand-short-name } as you want to meet your needs. The Mozilla Public License also gives you the right to distribute your modified versions.
{ -brand-short-name } kimino nonge boti ite cik me <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-public-license-link">Lanycec pa Lwak me Mozilla</a>. Man nyutu ni iromo tic kwede, lok ki ipok { -brand-short-name } bot jo mukene. in dong wajoli me yubu ka ma coc oaa iye pi { -brand-short-name } kit macalo imito rwate ki miti mamegi. Dul maloyo lanycec me Mozilla bot Lwak mini twero me gabo cik mamegi ma iyubu.
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