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{ -brand-short-name } is changing how extensions work in private browsing. Any new extensions you add to { -brand-short-name } won’t run by default in Private Windows. Unless you allow it in settings, the extension won’t work while private browsing, and won’t have access to your online activities there. We’ve made this change to keep your private browsing private. <label data-l10n-name="private-browsing-learn-more">Learn how to manage extension settings</label>
{ -brand-short-name } tye ka loko kit ma lamed tiyo kwede i yeny me mung. Lamed mo manyen ma imedo ii { -brand-short-name } pe bitic pire kene i Dirica me Mung. Nikwanyo ka iyee i ter, lamed meno pe bitic ikare me yeny i mung, ki pe binongo tic mamegi me wiyamo kunu. Watimo alokaloka man me gwoko yeny me mung mamegi i mung. <label data-l10n-name="private-browsing-learn-more">Nong ngec ikit me loono ter pa lamed</label>
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