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<span data-l10n-name='sitename'>{ $sitename }</span> has been <a data-l10n-name='error_desc_link'>reported as a deceptive site</a>. You can <a data-l10n-name='report_detection'>report a detection problem</a> or <a data-l10n-name='ignore_warning_link'>ignore the risk</a> and go to this unsafe site.
<span data-l10n-name='sitename'>{ $sitename }</span> kimiyo ripot <a data-l10n-name='error_desc_link'>ni obedo kakube me bwola</a>. Itwero <a data-l10n-name='report_detection'>miyo ripot pi peko ma ononge</a> onyo <a data-l10n-name='ignore_warning_link'>kwero ciko man</a> ka i cito i kakube man ma pe ber ni.
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