All translations for this string:


Locale Translation  
an Restaurar πŸ”
be ΠΠ΄Π½Π°Π²Ρ–Ρ†ΡŒ πŸ”
bs Obnovi πŸ”
ca Recupera πŸ”
cs Obnovit πŸ”
de Wiederherstellen πŸ”
el Επαναφορά πŸ”
en-GB Restore πŸ”
en-US Restore πŸ”
es-AR Restaurar πŸ”
es-ES Restaurar πŸ”
fi Palauta πŸ”
fr Restaurer πŸ”
gl Restaurar πŸ”
hu HelyreΓ‘llΓ­tΓ‘s πŸ”
it Ripristina πŸ”
ja εΎ©ε…ƒ πŸ”
ja-JP-mac εΎ©ε…ƒ πŸ”
ka αƒαƒ¦αƒ“αƒ’αƒ”αƒœαƒ πŸ”
lt Atkurti πŸ”
ms Pulih πŸ”
nb-NO Gjenopprett πŸ”
nl Herstellen πŸ”
nn-NO Bygg oppatt πŸ”
pl PrzywrΓ³Δ‡ πŸ”
pt-BR Restaurar πŸ”
pt-PT Restaurar πŸ”
ro RestaureazΔƒ πŸ”
si Restore πŸ”
sk ObnoviΕ₯ πŸ”
sl Obnovi πŸ”
sv-SE Γ…terstΓ€ll πŸ”
tr Kurtarma πŸ”
zh-CN 恒倍 πŸ”
zh-TW ι‚„εŽŸ πŸ”
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