All translations for this string:


Locale Translation  
be [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
ca [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
cs [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
de [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
el [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
en-GB [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
en-US [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
es-AR [<apodo> [<tipo> [<archivo>]]] πŸ”
es-ES [<apodo> [<tipo> [<fichero>]]] πŸ”
fi [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
fr [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
hu [<becenΓ©v> [<tΓ­pus> [<fΓ‘jl>]]] πŸ”
it [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
ja [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
ja-JP-mac [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
ka [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
nb-NO [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
pl [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
pt-BR [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
pt-PT [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
ro [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
ru [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
si [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
sk [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
sv-SE [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
tr [<nickname> [<type> [<file>]]] πŸ”
zh-CN [<昡称> [<η±»εž‹> [<ζ–‡δ»Ά>]]] πŸ”
zh-TW [<暱稱> [<ι‘žεž‹> [<ζͺ”ζ‘ˆ>]]] πŸ”
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