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&brandFullName; offers optional web-based services ("Services") that are available for your use with this binary version of &brandShortName; as described below. Some of these services (such as Add-on suggestion and update services, the Safe Browsing service, or the Location Aware Browsing notification feature) are enabled by default. If you do not want to use any of these Services or the terms below are unacceptable, instructions on how to disable a particular feature or Service may be found
&brandFullName; 提供可选的基于网络的服务,您可在如下所述的 &brandShortName; 二进制版本中使用这些功能。一些服务(例如附加组件的推荐和更新服务、安全浏览服务、位置感知浏览及通知功能)是默认启用。如果您完全不想使用这些服务,或者无法接受如下条款,您可以禁用服务,操作方法见
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