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Verify that the Base DN is correct, and then try again, or else contact your System Administrator. To verify that the Base DN is correct, from the Edit menu, choose Preferences, then choose Mail & Newsgroups, and then choose Addressing. Click Edit Directories, and select the LDAP server being used. Click Edit to display the Base DN.
Verifitgescha ch'il DN da basa è correct. Emprova lura anc ina giada u contactescha tes administratur da sistem. Per controllar sch'il DN da basa è correct, va a Preferenzas > Scriver > Adressar > Server LDAP. Clicca sin 'Modifitgar registers' e tscherna lura il server da directory LDAP che duai vegnir utilisà. Clicca sin 'Modifitgar' per controllar/midar il DN da basa.
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