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{ -brand-short-name } supports end-to-end encryption of one-to-one conversations based on OTR. This prevents third parties from eavesdropping on a conversation. This kind of end-to-end encryption can only be used when the other person also uses software that supports OTR.
{ -brand-short-name } issefrak awgelhen seg yixef ɣer yixef n yidiwenniyen gar sin yebnan ɣef OTR. Ayagi ur yettaǧǧa ara wiyaḍ ad slen i udiwenni. Anaw-a n uwgelhen seg yixef ɣer yixef ur yettuseqdac ara ala ma yili amdan-nni-nniḍen iseqdac aseɣẓan i yessefraken OTR.
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