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Verify that the Hostname is correct, and then try again, or else contact your System Administrator. To verify that the Hostname is correct, from the Edit menu, choose Preferences, then choose Mail & Newsgroups, and then choose Addressing. Click Edit Directories, and select the LDAP server being used. Click Edit to display the Hostname.
Senqed d akken isem n usenneftaɣ d ameɣtu, sakin ɛreḍ tikelt nniḍen, neɣ nermes anebdal-ik n unagraw. I wakken ad tesneqdeḍ ma yella isem n usenneftaɣ d ameɣtu, fren ismenyifen seg umuɣ Ẓreg, sakin fren Tirawt & Igrawen n isalen, sakin tansa. Sit ɣef Ẓreg Ikaramen, fren aqeddac LDAP ittuseqdacen yakan. Sit ɣef Ẓreg i wakken ad sekneḍ isem n usenneftaɣ.
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