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<ul> <li>Check the address for typing errors such as <strong>ww</strong> instead of <strong>www</strong></li> <div id='searchbox'> <input id='searchtext' type='search'></input> <button id='searchbutton'>Search</button> </div> <li>If you are unable to load any pages, check your device’s data or Wi-Fi connection. <button id='wifi'>Enable Wi-Fi</button> </li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Přepruwujće adresu za pisanskimi zmylkami kaž <strong>ww</strong> město <strong>www</strong></li> <div id='searchbox'> <input id='searchtext' type='search'></input> <button id='searchbutton'>Pytać</button> </div> <li>Jeli njemóžeće strony začitać, přepruwujće daty swojeho grata abo WLAN-zwisk. <button id='wifi'>WLAN zmóžnić</button> </li> </ul>
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