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If you store this account's new mail in a different account's Inbox, you will no longer be able to access already downloaded e-mail for this account. If you have mail in this account, please copy it to another account first.\n\nIf you have filters that filter mail into this account, you should disable them or change the destination folder. If any accounts have special folders in this account (Sent, Drafts, Templates, Archives, Junk), you should change them to be in another account.\n\nDo you still want to store this account's e-mail in a different account?
We nayäk ri k'ak'a' rutaqoya'l re rub'i' taqoya'l pa rumolb'al jun chik rub'i' taqoya'l, man xkatikïr ta chik xkatok pa ri taqoya'l naqasaj pa re rub'i' taqoya'l re'. We k'o ataqoya'l pa re rub'i' taqoya'l re', nab'ey tawachib'ej pa jun chik rub'i' taqoya'l.\n\nWe k'o ruchayub'al taqoya'l pa re rub'i' taqoya'l re', k'o chi ye'achüp o najäl ri k'ulunel yakwuj. We xab'achike rub'i' taqoya'l e k'o nimaläj taq ruyakwuj pa re rub'i' taqoya'l re' (Etaqon, Nab'ey taq Samaj, taq Kaxawäch, taq Yakb'äl, Seq'), k'o chi ye'ajäl richin yek'oje' pa jun chik rub'i' taqoya'l.\n\n¿La k'a nawajo' nayäk re rutaqoya'l re rub'i' taqoya'l re' pa jun chik rub'i' taqoya'l?
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