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Verify that the Hostname is correct, and then try again, or else contact your System Administrator. To verify that the Hostname is correct, from the Edit menu, choose Preferences, then choose Mail & Newsgroups, and then choose Addressing. Click Edit Directories, and select the LDAP server being used. Click Edit to display the Hostname.
Tinik'öx chi ütz ri Rub'i' K'uxasamaj, chuqa' tatojtob'ej chik, o katzijon rik'in ri Runuk'samajel Q'inoj. Richin ninik'öx chi ütz ri Rub'i' K'uxasamaj, pa ri Tinuk' k'utsamaj, ticha' Taq Ajowab'äl, k'a ri ticha' Taqoya'l chuqa' taq Rutzijol, k'a ri' ticha' Taq Ochochib'äl. Tipitz' pa Kenuk' taq cholb'äl, chuqa' ticha' ri LDAP k'uxasamaj nawokisaj. Tipitz' Tinuk' richin nik'ut pe ri Rub'i' K'uxasamaj.
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