All translations for this string:


Locale Translation  
af Van πŸ”
ar مِن πŸ”
ast De πŸ”
be Ад πŸ”
bg ΠžΡ‚ πŸ”
bn ΰ¦ͺ্রেরক πŸ”
br A-berzh πŸ”
bs Od πŸ”
ca De πŸ”
cak Richin πŸ”
cs Od πŸ”
cy Oddi wrth πŸ”
da Fra πŸ”
de Von πŸ”
dsb WΓ³t πŸ”
el Ξ‘Ο€ΟŒ πŸ”
en-CA From πŸ”
en-GB From πŸ”
en-US From πŸ”
eo From πŸ”
es-AR De πŸ”
es-ES De πŸ”
es-MX De πŸ”
et Saatja πŸ”
eu Nork πŸ”
fa From πŸ”
fi LΓ€hettΓ€jΓ€ πŸ”
fr ExpΓ©diteur πŸ”
fy-NL Fan πŸ”
ga-IE Γ“ πŸ”
gd O πŸ”
gl De πŸ”
gu-IN ΰͺ€ΰͺ°ΰͺ«ΰͺ₯ΰ«€ πŸ”
he מאΧͺ πŸ”
hi-IN ΰ€¦ΰ₯ΰ€΅ΰ€Ύΰ€°ΰ€Ύ πŸ”
hr From πŸ”
hsb Wot πŸ”
hu FeladΓ³ πŸ”
hy-AM ΥˆΦ‚Υ΄Υ«Φ πŸ”
ia De πŸ”
id From πŸ”
is FrΓ‘ πŸ”
it Da πŸ”
ja From πŸ”
ja-JP-mac From πŸ”
ka αƒ•αƒ˜αƒœ πŸ”
kab Si πŸ”
kk ΠšΡ–ΠΌΠ½Π΅Π½ πŸ”
km From πŸ”
ko 보낸 μ‚¬λžŒ πŸ”
lt Kas πŸ”
mk Од πŸ”
ms Daripada πŸ”
nb-NO Fra πŸ”
ne-NP ΰ€¬ΰ€Ύΰ€Ÿ πŸ”
nl Van πŸ”
nn-NO FrΓ₯ πŸ”
oc Expeditor πŸ”
pa-IN ਡੱਲੋਂ πŸ”
pl Od πŸ”
pt-BR De πŸ”
pt-PT De πŸ”
rm Da πŸ”
ro de la πŸ”
ru ΠžΡ‚ πŸ”
si ΰ·€ΰ·™ΰΆ­ΰ·’ΰΆ±ΰ·Š πŸ”
sk Od πŸ”
sl Od πŸ”
sq Nga πŸ”
sr Π¨Π°Ρ™Π΅ πŸ”
sv-SE FrΓ₯n πŸ”
th จาก πŸ”
tr Kimden πŸ”
uk Π’Ρ–Π΄ πŸ”
uz Joβ€˜natuvchi πŸ”
vi Tα»« πŸ”
xh Ukusuka πŸ”
zh-CN From πŸ”
zh-TW 從 πŸ”
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